Scott James Stambaugh

Scott Jame Stambaugh

"Stambaugh… is a brilliant wordsmith. [His] complex melodies and intricate lyrics are the kind that can haunt you long after the reverb has left the building. Cherokee Scout, June 12, 2013

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Whether performing a tasteful and rollicking repertoire of popular songs, or his aclaimed original material, Scott James Stambaugh will leave a mark. For some it’s the good-natured humor he brings to every performance, and for others it’s the heartache and beauty of his more serious-minded material that sticks. Few who listen, however, will leave untouched.

At once funny, smart, swaggering and humble, Stambaugh is able to bridge the divide between the coffeehouse and winery crowd, the biker crowd, and the good ole’ redneck beer hall crowd with equal aplomb. Those who come to one of those performances and listen will find a songwriter at the very top of his game, as able to bring laughter as tears in the tradition of his musical heroes, McCartney, Waylon and Willie, Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne… the list is endless.



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